Click the following link to pay your bill online. You must pay your electric and water account balances in 2 different transactions. You will need your account numbers.



Meters are read monthly. The Cullman County Water Department (CCWD) reserves the right to vary reading dates and due dates. Each active service will receive a minimum bill. Minimum bills are flat rated and cover from 0 to 2000 gallons of usage. The minimum bill is charged to cover monthly meter reading and billing costs. Bills are calculated in accordance with the CCWD rate schedule and will be for the period of days covered between meter reads. Payment is due when bill is rendered and will be assessed a delinquent penalty one day after the due date stated on the bill. Any customer that defaults on their service account will be responsible for all costs associated with the collection of the account. This may include attorney and collection agency fees.


If the customer believes their bill to be in error, the claim must be presented before the bill becomes delinquent. Such claim, if made after the bill becomes delinquent, will not be effective in preventing the discontinuance of water service. The customer must pay said bill under protest. At the customers request CCWD will reread the customers meter. If the reread discloses that the meter was over read, no charge will be made and the bill will be adjusted to the correct charge. If the reread discloses that the reading is correct, the customer will then be charged a reread fee. The customer also has the right to request that their meter be tested for accuracy. After payment of a meter test fee CCWD will pull the meter and test its accuracy. If the meter is found to over register beyond 5% of the correct volume the meter testing fee will be refunded. The customer may be present during the meter test if an appointment is made.


The Cullman County Water Department reserves the right to disconnect any service that is delinquent 10 days past the current bill due date. Services where checks or negotiable orders are returned by the bank due to insufficient funds or closed accounts will be disconnected. In the event that a service is cutoff for any reason a reconnect fee will be charged and must be paid along with the delinquent amount before water service will be restored. Any payment for disconnected service paid after 2:00 pm will be reset following business day. If the customer desires, they may pay an additional after hours service fee to have service restored same day. All resets after 2:00 pm are subject to the oncall crew’s ability to reach the service in a timely manner. All emergency water outages take precedent over reconnects. In the event that the oncall crew is unable to reset the water service on the same day, the after hour service fee will be credited back to the water account. Accounts that are not paid in a timely manner and are final bill, are subject to new service fees and will not be reconnected until the following business day..

FEES & Penalties

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